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Check your network for Indications of Compromise (IoCs) with our service


Check your network

Use NetStinky to check your home or small business network for Indications of Compromise. Our service aggregates evidence of system compromise for your IP address to see if your network has been reported for behaviour indicating a device in your network is compromised.


Check more devices in your network

By checking your network for issues at the out-going end, we can identify problems with more network attached device than just computers or smartphones. Supplement your anti-virus by being able to check for problems with other internet enabled devices.


Automatic rechecking

Once you start using NetStinky to check your network, it will re-check your network periodically as you use the App. NetStinky will notify you if an issue is identified at a later date.


Active network monitoring with NetStinky IDS

Install the NetStinky IDS service (nsids) on your router in order to utilize real-time traffic monitoring. The service will monitor traffic coming into and out of your network against a set of IoCs to determine if your network has any problems before anybody else does. Updates about your network status are provided to a device running the NetStinky app. The IoCs used to monitor your network are periodically updated from our server, which are drawn from a number of provider sources. Learn more.